dancing water speakers

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Water Dancing Speakers

When it comes to music speakers, there are dozens of brands and models that you can choose from. However, most of them usually have the same features and functions. If you want something that is very unique, then it’s highly recommended that you avail of water dancing speakers. These are speakers that feature a display glass wherein a water fountain shoots up and down and bathed in varying colors. They are usually powered by either direct electricity or by batteries. They are becoming very popular these days so they aren’t that difficult to find.

Below are some of the reasons why you should get water dancing speakers.

dancing water speakers

dancing water speakers

1) They make listening to music more fun and enjoyable. Whether you are going to put the speakers at your bedside table, at the dining room, or at the kitchen, they would make the experience of listening to music better. What’s great about these speakers is the fact that the water fountains shoot up and down while following the beat of the music. Naturally, if you are listening to hip-hop, rock, or any type of music that contains loud beats, the fountain would be dancing a whole lot more. Watching the water and light dance to the beats is an experience in itself.

2) They are great for parties. If you are planning a house party in the coming weekend, installing a few pairs of water dancing speakers around the room would be something that will impress and awe your guests. The speakers don’t occupy too much space but the lights they emit would be more than enough to bath a whole room. If you want, you can use them to serve as portable disco lights.

3) They are very affordable. A lot of people often make the wrong assumption that water dancing speakers are expensive. No. they are not. Most brand and models are under $50 so they really are a bargain. High-end models can breach the $50 mark but they normally don’t go beyond $100. In short, their price tags are low compared to the value they provide.

4) They are safe. As we mentioned earlier, the speakers are either powered by direct electricity or by batteries. The glass enclosures containing the water are durable enough to prevent possible leaks. This is why it’s very important that you should only buy from manufacturers who make high-quality speakers. As long as the water are contained within the glass enclosure, you have nothing to worry about.

5) They can be connected to most music devices like portable music players, smart phones and tablets. If you have a music playlist in your iPhone that you want to hear, you simply connect your iPhone to the speakers and you are good to go. The same can be said about the other music devices. All you have to do is plug and play. You don’t have to install software to your device.

A pair of water dancing speakers is a good investment. If you love music especially the ones with upbeat rhythms, you are going to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful displays that these speakers make.

Pelican Paddle Boards Review

pelican-flow-160x-sup-reviewPelican international is a reputable Company known in its impeccable capacity to design and manufacture kayaks, canoes and fishing boats.

Due to technological advancement and customer demand, the company also manufactured stand up paddle boards that use kayak technology and materials.

Most of the boards are designed to give both intermediate and beginners an easy time while enjoying the water ways in peace.

They are used both in light surf or flat water surfaces and the quality materials used in the manufacturing process make them durable. This article explains some features you didn’t know about pelican paddle boards.

Pelican Paddle Boards Review




Made of Ram-X material

Pelican paddle boards are manufactured using Ram-X material technology that was established in 1987. The material is flexible and offers exceptional shock resistance hence boosting its durability. The good thing about this material is the fact its flexibility increases as the pelican paddle boards is exposed to heat, especially prolonged exposure to sun. It’s also made of hard plastic which is great for shallow rock bottom waters and rocky shorelines.

Weigh approximately 22kg


Most stand up paddle boards weigh approximately 22 kilograms. This allows you to easily carry the board for short distances, say from the car to the water body. In most cases, pelican paddle paddles dimensions are 126 by 6 by 32 inches. This greatly contributes to its ease of transportation. It can easily fit in the car when moving from one place to the other or storing it conveniently in the house.

Carrying handles

Pelican paddle boards are designed with carrying handles on both sides. This is to ensure that you have an easy time when carrying the board to and from the water surfaces. The handles also act as a decorative feature to those who like beauty. The anti-slip deck pad allows you to gain the required grip when paddling hence guaranteeing your safety.

Drain plug

Almost every pelican paddle board contains a drain plug that allows you to empty any water that might have found its way inside. It is relatively water tight and screws direct to the hull. Since it can easily get lost, it is recommended you attach a string to it.

Pros of pelican paddle boards

  • Pelican paddle boards are made of tough material that makes it durable. They have the ability to stand various abuses and shocks from rocks in shallow waters and shallow shorelines.
  • The company gives you a two year warranty showing the credibility and durability of the pelican paddle boards. The warranty is limited and they will only repair it when it is used privately. Register the warranty in 30 days after your purchase to avoid exemption of repair in case of any damage during the 2-year period.


  • Pelican paddle boards weigh approximately 22 kilo grams. This makes it hard to carry the boards especially for long distances.


Pelican paddle boards are designed to suit the needs of everyone. They will offer the pleasure you deserve when used accordingly and as recommended. Pelican paddle boards excel perfectly for the following; rentals, flat water playing, pool training, easy surfing, schools and either in easy white water or in small lakes.

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